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5th July

Hi guys! So this is probably my most exciting holiday post so far!! Luke and I booked and excursion on a catamaran to go from the marina of ohlos d’agua, out in to the middle of the ocean, to go dolphin spotting!! I’ve been whale spotting in Tenerife before and I was so excited to be going with Luke to see some of my favourite animals out in the wild! I absolutely adore marine life, I’ve swam with dolphins before and I just couldn’t wait!

So the excursion began at 10:30, we set off in to the ocean and drove out for a good hour, the journey there was quite nice and had a good novelty as we were about to see some dolphins! Then we spotted a group of them frolicking about and the catamaran came to a complete stop. I couldn’t believe how close these little dolphins got to the boat, swimming under the boat, in and out of the water, for a good 20 minutes they entertained us! Here’s some snaps of that part :

Then came the ride back. We had driven an hour out in to the ocean and our excursion included some cave adventures onboard. This is when Luke started to feel sea sick. So for the rest of the journey back we sat a bit inside and then periodically went out to take some snaps. We did take lots of videos and photos on our DSLR cameras but for now I’ll show you my phone pictures of the caves!

So the journey back wasn’t too great but we both thoroughly enjoyed our excursion! I haven’t uploaded any interesting makeup or outfit posts because honestly I haven’t bothered much! Last night I had a few too many tequila sunrise’s and spent the WHOLE day in bed today 😦 so tomorrow’s blog post will be delayed till Saturday, where I’ll tell you all about our second excursion!

lots of love

Tiffany Xo


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