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4th July

So this is the day I burnt. I burnt like hell and I was expecting it. EVERY holiday I have, my shoulders burn and this day was that day. We decided to get up, have our breakfast and then have a little lounge by the pool. Lunch time comes and we have a nice bunch of food. So far we have eaten a LOT of food on our all inclusive holiday (at the end of the week a hotel review will come on where we have stayed!!) so this day we decided to walk off our lunch.

At the welcome meeting the holiday rep mentioned a 7km walk down Felasia beach from Olhos D’ague (where we are staying) to the buzzing town of Vilamoura. Luke and I mentioned this to our family and we decided to take the journey and wow, what a journey it was! My feet ached after, I was sun burnt, I complained about walking across the beach about 500 times but we made it!! I’m not sure how, but 1.5 or 2 hours later, we were in Vilamoura. Here’s a few pictures of it along the way:

It was utterly beautiful and although we felt absolutely knackered after from the sand being so uneven and most of us caught the sun, it was so so so worth it!

So there we are! That’s my exercise for the holiday! Walking 7km across a beautiful beach with my handsome boyfriend and wonderful family.

Keep an eye on my page for tomorrow’s post where I share some photos of mine and Luke’s first excursion dolphin watching!

lots of love

Tiffany Xo


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