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Portugal 2017

Hi all!

I’m currently in the beautifully sunny Portugal with my boyfriend and family, which may explain my lack of posts recently, I’ve been so excited!!

I’ve decided to do a daily post on some of my outfits of the day, makeup, sight seeing etc! My posts may not be what I wore on that exact day but maybe the day/night before! I’ll also be posting a list of the makeup items I have taken on holiday! So I’ll be really busy this week with posts!

So here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect

  • 6/7 posts of my outfit of the day,  makeup looks I’ve created & what we’ve got up to
  • A post on what’s in my makeup bag

I cant wait to be posting so frequently and sharing my holiday with everyone who reads! Sorry this is such a quick and short post but I thought I should explain it before I begin

lots of love

Tiffany Xo


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