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My 10 favourite YouTubers


Hi all! For today’s Freaky Friday I thought I wouldn’t over power you with too much information compared to last week. So I’ve compiled a list of my favourite YouTubers who talk about subjects we cover in Freaky Friday e.g. Paranormal, conspiracy, aliens etc etc

Shane Dawson: Shane makes some incredible Conspiracy Theory videos from murders to pop culture to Disney! Shane was the first person to get me in to all things creepy and mysterious!

Bella Fiori: Bella is another one of my favourites and she covers one murder mystery or something along those lines every Monday on Mystery Monday!

Harmony Nice: Harmony is my absolute girl crush, she’s bloody gorgeous and makes super cool videos about the Wicca religion and her own paranormal experiences.

Top 5s : A simple channel who have some of the BEST content when it comes to all things paranormal. Strong sources, easy to follow and has the most soothing voice ever.

Lisbug : Lisa’s twisted Tuesday covers love stories gone bad, often ending in murder and gore!

Top 5 Unknowns : Another top 5 kind of channel with a great voice too, pretty similar to Top5s but those are my favourite kind of videos!

BuzzFeedBlue : A big budget segment on the BuzzFeed channel is Buzzfeed Unsolved, where Ryan and Shane go to different locations and explore their background and test whether ghosts are real or not. Incredible editing and animation for the timelines and story, absolutely one of my favourites!

AskAMortician : If you’re a bit faint hearted then perhaps this isn’t the channel for you. This channel does cover the sensitive topic of death but is a great way to face your fear and really understand death.

Michelle Platti : Michelle is a very similar YouTuber to Shane and covers mainly Mandela effects or unsolved murders. Her humour is great and she just gives a great energy and enthusiasm to the topic.

Michael Magee : Michael has chronically been haunted for years and has invested so much money and time in to investigating whether ghosts are real. My favourites are his Xbox Kinect videos!

Thanks for reading and please check out my previous Freaky Friday if you enjoyed this one! Stay tuned for more next week!

last weeks FF JonBenet Ramsey

Lots of love

Tiffany Xo 


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