Why I Created A Blog

You’d think working 2 days a week and going to college the other 5, whilst maintaining a relationship, friendships, healthy life and all that jazz would be enough? Most definitely not!

I adore spending my free time on the internet, whether it be when I wake up, throughout the day or just before I sleep. I love it. Whenever I’m making a choice in life I almost always go to the internet for some advice on it. Whether it be makeup, clothes, food, electronics, holidays, all sorts.

My favourite types of videos or posts to watch/read are reviews or demos. I LOVE seeing and hearing about something before I buy/try. I haven’t the time or creativity to make videos but blogs, I think thats something I can do.

My aim for my blog is to have something for everyone, to share all my views and opinions with the world to benefit someone else. Whether thats my opinion on a makeup brand, if I disliked a certain item of clothing, if I’ve enjoyed visiting a beautiful place, and…well you get the picture!

I was inspired by thegreatambini, one of my closest’s friend’s sister, her blog is amazing for budget hunting and sight seeing! https://thegreatambini.wordpress.com

Anyway, thats my little intro and explanation over with, I hope to be blogging quite regularly, whether people read it or not!


Tiffany Xo



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